McFarland Designs has always prided ourselves in;
1) Very complete detailed plans that cater to the owner/ builder- no shortcuts here!
2) A vast knowledge in construction by having hands-on experience in almost every phase of construction- the question is, how can you do accurate building plans if you don't know construction!
3) The gift of design in many areas from architectural design to graphic design- this let's our creativity work for you!
With our experience as well as our designing ability, this makes our plans an asset to any construction project. We use the latest CAD (computer aided drafting) programs like Autocad & Revit to produce very detailed plans which we like to call ‘builder friendly plans’ as they are much more simple to build from. They also eliminate the guess work in the estimating of the construction costs for the project, therefore saving you money, time, and headaches.

Our typical plans include:
• Site plan and Gen. Info.- includes the full site/property with the proposed locations of the buildings or additions along with the all streets, setbacks, easements, slopes, drainage, drives, walkways, all required construction BMP's, and more.
• Floor plan(s)- includes the plan view of the floor areas of all the different levels with full accurate dimensioning, with all walls, doors, windows, and interior details, they use this plan to frame the walls, windows, doors, and for reference.
• Elevations- includes the exterior view of all sides of the building showing the roof, eaves, siding, doors/windows, trim work, and all materials specifications. We put in extra detail here to give you more of an idea what the finished look of the building will be.

Roof plan- includes the entire roof layout including; the ridges, hips, valleys, and overhangs, it also shows all drainage, vents, flashing, and material specifications.
• Foundation plan- includes all of the concrete footings, stem walls, slabs and/or raised floor construction, steel reinforcing, wall anchors, shear walls with hold down anchors, any retaining walls, and with complete accurate dimensioning.
• Framing plan(s)- includes the entire roof/floor systems including; the ridges, hips, valleys, overhangs and fascias, roof rafter and floor joist member sizes, spacing, height, and hanger/connectors, all posts, headers, beams, hardware, and all shear wall panels, hold downs and hardware.
• Sections- most plans have 1/4” scale building sections without much detail, our building sections are at 3/8” scale, therefore showing more detail in the construction planning phase where it counts.
• Utility plan(s)- includes all the electrical outlets, switches, lighting, phone, TV, and Data cable locations, they also show the HVAC equip. & water heater sizes, locations, and info., with all of them to meet the newest T24 energy requirements.
• Structural detail sheets- includes all the foundation, framing, shear, and retaining wall construction details, specifications, and notes.
• Title 24 energy calculations- includes all the newest energy calculations for the building to meet Title-24 energy requirements, from window glazing, insulation, roofing, shading, flooring, HVAC & water heater info., etc., there are also upgrades available to help make the building more energy efficient and green friendly.


Sample plans



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Also available -

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   Green & Alternate Construction methods, and Project Construction management services.